Eran Polack

Eran Polack is CEO and Co-Founder of HAP Investments, an international, full-service real estate investment and development company with a focus on projects in emerging and prime neighborhoods throughout the New York metropolitan area. HAP Investments has acquired, designed and developed a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial real estate that is renowned for its location, proximity to mass transit, and innovative construction and design. Today, HAP Investments has more than 1.8 million square feet of projects in various stages of development, completion or operation in the New York metropolitan area.

Mr. Polack is an established entrepreneur with a long history of successful real estate ventures in Eastern Europe, Israel, and the United States. Mr. Polack’s strengths are the early identification of emerging regions and the development of projects tailored for those markets. Mr. Polack was one of the first developers to identify East Harlem as well as the Journal Square neighborhood of Jersey City as areas in preliminary stages of urban revitalization. He was also an early leader in the revival of Neve Tzedek, a highly coveted neighborhood in the heart of Tel Aviv.

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